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The Town of Apple River issues the permits and licenses listed below.  You may use this link to download an Application, this link to review an Ordinance or use the contacts links below for more information. 

  • DRIVEWAY/FIELD ROAD PERMITS: Driveway Permit Procedure Applicant contacts the Town Clerk for Driveway Permit Application. Clerk either sends a copy of the permit and copy of the ordinance to the applicant or directs the applicant to the Town web site for permit and ordinance. Applicant fills out permit and sends permit and fee to Town Clerk. Clerk forwards the completed application to the driveway inspector. Inspector meets with the applicant and either approves or rejects driveway location. Applicant contacts inspector for final approval after installation of driveway. Inspector approves or requires changes to driveway. Once driveway meets the criteria of the driveway ordinance and is approved by the inspector the application is returned to the Town Clerk so it is on file for issuance of building permit. Contact Town Clerk
    1. Contact Polk County Zoning: to obtain a County Land Use Permit. 
    2. Contact Building Inspector Ben Campbell.  
    3. The building inspector sets the fee, issues the permit and fills out the permit with you; the Clerk  will contact you to set a time and date for payment and pick up.
  • BURNING PERMITS: Contact Fire Department to obtain permission.  A No Fee Permit is required whenever ground is not completely snow covered. Wisconsin Law Prohibits- Burning of recyclable paper or cardboard, painted or treated wood, petroleum- or oil based products, wet rubbish, asphalt and plastic.  Apple River is defined as a cooperative burning area and subject to county and town procedures. Permits can be obtained by calling the Fire Chief. Please remember that bonfires and trash fires are not camp fires or recreational fires.